About Us




The Gynaecological Cancer Fund is the working name for the recently formed charity, the Grace Belgravia Foundation.

We are a motivated and energetic Committee that set up the Gynaecological Cancer Fund after each of us lost a member of our family or close friends to gynaecological cancer or other female cancer such as breast cancer.

Funds are being raised by us now to support our first ground-breaking research project, led by The Royal Marsden’s Consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr Susana Banerjee.

At the same time, our awareness campaign aims to increase women’s knowledge of the symptoms of the five gynaecological cancers – knowledge that will help women to understand their own bodies, without becoming fearful.

With your support, we CAN raise significant funds to achieve significant research results. Please join us now in our fight against these five female cancers – and help us change radically the way they are treated.


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